[WEBINAR] Empathy & Consumer Centricity in the Time of Coronavirus

The tenets and beliefs of cognitive empathy are more important today than ever. Coronavirus has heightened the need to feel what someone else is going through and bring resources that add value. As brands try to get a grip on what the new normal will look like, authentic cognitive empathy will have to lead the way. New routines are being set. If we want to be part of people’s lives when they come out the other side, we need to be with them on the journey.  Today’s challenge is to stay close from a distance so that we better understand the motivations and influence the dimensions that are shaping behavior during this pivotal and transformational time. 

Join Ipsos for a complimentary webinar as we illustrate why empathy and consumer centricity are critical in times of crisis.

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Speakers :

  • April Jeffries, President of Ethnographic and Immersive Research

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