Ipsos is excited about speaking at the City Nation Place Global conference this fall – join us to hear strategic place brand insights to help you…

  • build and manage a more positive domestic and international reputation
  • develop stronger, more sustainable economic and tourism development
  • and deliver more effective strategies for attracting visitors, talent, and investment

Be sure to bookmark Jason McGrath’s session [November 10 | 11am] to hear more about Understanding What Connects Your Citizens to the Place Where They Live. Jason will share:

  • New research that sets out to understand what attributes of their city people feel most strongly about
  • Insights into how the current state of the world impact citizens willingness to travel domestically versus internationally
  • Tips on how to leverage an understanding of self-perceptions to create citizen ambassadors for your place brand

For more information about this conference, please visit the City Nation Place website or check out insights from our latest study.

Speakers :

  • Jason McGrath, Senior Vice President, Head of US Corporate Reputation

Media & Brand Communication