Internet Invaluable to Students Worldwide

Many Schools Provide Access to Internet, But Far Fewer Offer Web Courses

NEW YORK, September 11, 2000--The Internet is now as common and invaluable as the encyclopedia and school library were to earlier generations of students, new research into Internet usage among teens and young adults around the world shows. Still, Internet access in schools varies widely around the world, and most schools have yet to offer Web-related courses, according to interviews conducted by the Angus Reid Group with full- and part-time students in 16 countries.

Among the countries surveyed, Sweden and Canada lead the list in offering students access to the Internet from their schools. The U.S., meanwhile, is near the top of the list of countries whose schools offer students Internet courses. These topline findings emerge from The Face of the Web: Youth, the latest multi-country survey of more than 10,000 youth aged 12 to 24 from the Angus Reid Group, the global polling and market research firm. (For related research visit the Face of the Web)

The study found that:

  • More than nine-in-ten students who have Internet access in Australia, Canada, the U.S. and Sweden report using the World Wide Web to complete their school assignments.
  • As well, Swedish and Canadian students were by far the most likely to use the Internet from their school--nearly three-in-four students in these two countries say they use the Internet from school, a proportion roughly equivalent to the level of home Internet access.
  • The biggest gap between nations exists in access to schools offering courses about the Internet.
  • Three-in-four student users of the Internet in Taiwan and the U.S. state that they have access to courses about the Internet, followed by student users in Canada and Australia. Students in the remaining countries report far less access to Internet courses.

"Sweden and Canada are demonstrating the benefits of public policies that have promoted school Internet access," observes Gus Schattenberg, Vice President of Global Research at the Angus Reid Group. "Both countries are out in front in terms of their younger population's level of Internet usage and familiarity, no doubt because of their efforts to put Internet connections in every school.

"We will probably see a ripple effect down the road as a new generation of sophisticated Internet users comes online in the countries that are investing heavily in Internet education and school access. From our results, that would appear to include not only Sweden and Canada but also Asian countries such as Taiwan where school access is helping drive youth Internet usage to levels on par with the U.S."

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The Face of the Web: Youth is a two-phase survey conducted in the spring and summer with over 10,000 youths between the ages of 12 and 24 in 16 countries. Half of the interviews were conducted with a representative sample of the youth populations in each country to track current Internet awareness, usage, and intentions to go online. The remainder of the interviews focussed on young Internet users in each country to investigate their Internet usage patterns and experience with Internet music, chat, and retail services.

National samples each consisted of 300 12-24-year-olds, except in the U.S., where 600 interviews were conducted. Results outside the U.S. are accurate within an error margin of no more than plus/minus 6 percentage points, 19 times out of 20; in the U.S., the results are accurate within an error margin of no more than plus/minus 4 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

About the Angus Reid Group Established in 1979, the Angus Reid Group is among the world's leading research companies, providing a full array of marketing and social research services to the private and public sectors. Founded by Dr. Angus Reid, the Angus Reid Group has conducted extensive research in 80 countries and in 40 languages and serves clients around the world through 10 offices and more than 300 full-time and 800 part-time staff. The Angus Reid Group is a member of the Paris-based Ipsos Group, ranked among the top 10 research companies in the world, with specialties in advertising, media, customer satisfaction, public opinion, and market research.

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