Ipsos Creative Excellence Awards: Super Bowl LV

Leveraging traditional and cutting-edge methods – from surveys to social listening to AI – this year's top performers included Doritos for Best Brand Recall.

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  • Pedr Howard SVP, Creative Excellence
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The Super Bowl ad break is the marketing industry’s Coliseum. The battle to engage, entertain and even survive unscathed is fierce. Appealing though it may be to single out a ‘winner,’ more sophisticated and rigorous research shows how little sense that makes. Ipsos leveraged its depth and breadth to analyze the ads through both traditional and cutting-edge methods – from surveys to social listening to AI. This combination of approaches provides a more robust and nuanced picture of Super Bowl success. In the end, we had nine top performers – they are highlighted below.

Ipsos combined four different data sources to provide a fast, agile and accurate look at the holistic performance of Super Bowl commercials:

Creative|Spark: 10 Super Bowl ads selected for robust evaluation. Sample: 150 general population respondents per ad. Creative|Spark fuels the creative process by helping advertisers and agencies quickly learn, evaluate and optimize creative to power brand growth.

Creative|Labs: Ipsos hosted a live Virtual Viewing Party. Sample: 100 general population adults were surveyed live in conjunction with Remesh.ai. The Remesh platform allows you to have a live conversation with up to 1,000 people at once, and uses AI to analyze and organize the audience’s open-ended responses in real-time - enabling qualitative insights at quantitative scale.

Fast Facts: After the game, Ipsos surveyed 1,000 adults on its Ipsos Digital platform. Fast Facts lets you create your survey questions and get fast answers from our quality sample. View results in an interactive dashboard, export charts in PowerPoint or tables in Excel.

Social Intelligence data from Synthesio and Ipsos analyzed all conversations and sentiment during the game, in real-time across multiple online platforms and publishers.



The author(s)

  • Pedr Howard SVP, Creative Excellence

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