For Sub-Saharan Small Businesses, Digital Technologies Emerge as Pivotal for Sustaining Operations through the Pandemic and Embracing Future

This Facebook/Ipsos poll explored how SMBs use digital tools, social media and direct messaging platforms, with a focus on the Facebook apps.

Washington, DC, June 29, 2021 - In Sub-Saharan Africa, small and medium-sized businesses and solo entrepreneurs report a growing reliance on social media and digital technologies to reach new markets, communicate with customers, and raise brand and product awareness, according to a new Facebook, Inc. study.

The survey explored how SMBs use digital tools, social media and direct messaging platforms, with a focus on the Facebook apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger). It also explored the adoption and use of social media by SMBs during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they sought to reduce operational barriers. This multi-mode study was conducted for Facebook, Inc. (“Facebook”) by Ipsos, interviewing more than 4,000 small business owners and senior managers in eight Sub-Saharan countries in February and March of 2021.

Across the eight countries surveyed, key findings include:

  • Many businesses say Facebook apps helped them to start their business (63% in South Africa; 48% in Côte D’Ivoire; 37% in DRC; 67% in Ghana; 51% in Kenya; 39% in Mauritius; and 52% in Senegal)
  • For most businesses, Facebook apps have been important for their business growth (89% in South Africa; 80% in Côte D’Ivoire; 73% in DRC; 87% in Ghana; 90% in Kenya; 72% in Mauritius; 89% in Nigeria; and 86% in Senegal)
  • A large majority of businesses report of Facebook apps helped them build brand recognition (84% in South Africa; 81% in Côte D’Ivoire; 77% in DRC; 93% in Ghana; 87% in Kenya; 68% in Mauritius; 92% in Nigeria; and 90% in Senegal)
  • Majorities of businesses—and a near-majority in the case of Mauritius—say they improved products or service offerings based on information gathered through Facebook apps in the past 6 months (74% in South Africa; 69% in Côte D’Ivoire; 69% in DRC; 87% in Ghana; 90% in Kenya; 46% in Mauritius; 85% in Nigeria; and 73% in Senegal)
  • Substantial shares of businesses say social media and online messaging helped their business to operate remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic (53% in South Africa; 50% in Côte D’Ivoire; 34% in DRC; 54% in Ghana; 48% in Kenya; 35% in Mauritius; 51% in Nigeria; and 49% in Senegal)


This offline and online study was conducted between February 10 and March 5, 2021, among 4,020 founders, solo entrepreneurs, business owners and senior managers from small and medium-sized businesses—defined as those that employ no more than 250 employees, including informal businesses—using online opt-in panels in Nigeria and South Africa and telephone and face-to-face interviews of randomly selected businesses in the six other countries.

The study was conducted in English and French.

The sample sizes ranged from n=312 to n=569 per country:

Côte D’Ivoire (n=569), DRC (n=552), Ghana (n=527), Kenya (n=500), Mauritius (n=312), Nigeria (n=501), Senegal (n=534) and South Africa (n=525)

Targets were set to balance for industries within countries. In Nigeria and South Africa, businesses and solo entrepreneurs were sampled from online panels nationwide; in the other six countries, business lists and consumer lists, as well as face-to-face recruitment for informal businesses, were used to complete the study in metropolitan areas, including their suburban and rural sections. 

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