[WEBINAR] Gen AI: From Wow to How

Generative AI offers companies the ability to develop, test and analyze products and ideas with a speed and budget that we could only dream of a mere two years ago. And yet at the core of their effectiveness remains humans, and their insights.

The secret for brands who want to go from wow to how will be in leveraging generative AI’s big benefits: Speed and volume. Leveraging these to create ideas for new products, to test concepts, and to crunch data can make generative AI one of the greatest tools for scaling your business in modern history.

Join Ipsos on April 17 for a virtual panel discussion with experts from Adobe, the Estée Lauder Companies and New York University to learn:

  • How brands are using generative AI to find ways to scale and innovate faster and more effectively than ever before
  • How a new wave of generative AI tools can reshape your organization by bringing insights to more people in more places
  • Why humans are still a crucial part of the process, from research to analysis

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  • Kristy Click, Client Officer, Ipsos
  • Chris Duffey, Head of GenStudio, Adobe
  • Jenn Lee, Director of Strategic Initiatives & Predictive Analytics, Estee Lauder Companies
  • Nicole Alexander, Professor, New York University

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