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You've been told about the generative AI revolution dozens of times by now – in the last year and a half, proclamations about artificial intelligence's potential to remake the world have been ever-present as models advance at breakneck speed.

But many of those new users are now moving past the "wow" phase and ask "how can I use this?" as they wonder what it takes to make these tools more than toys.

There are three big ways that brands can use generative AI today: First to create ideas for new products, second to test and validate concepts, and thirdly to crunch data – all of which can be done with revolutionary speed and at a budget that we could only dream of a mere two years ago. And yet at the core of their effectiveness remains humans, and their insights.

Find out how you and your company can go from "Wow to How" with generative AI in this new interactive report from Ipsos' news series, Insights to Activate


Revisit our webinar to hear a dynamic panel of experts from Adobe, the Estée Lauder Companies and New York University discuss:

  • How brands are using generative AI to find ways to scale and innovate faster and more effectively than ever before
  • How a new wave of generative AI tools can reshape your organization by bringing insights to more people in more places
  • Why humans are still a crucial part of the process, from research to analysis

Impact Story

Over the years, Ipsos has captured the voice of the consumer in countless consumer research projects. But a recent project presented a new challenge: capturing the voice of the pet.

Our new Insights to Activate impact story, “Unleashing the power of generative AI,” explains how Ipsos brought Purina’s pet project to life through a blend of artificial intelligence and human insights.

The report describes how Ipsos used proprietary AI tools like Ipsos Facto, Persona Bots, InnoExplorer, and InnoPredict AI to deliver innovative and immediate results in ideation, identification, and generation. But it also explains how Ipsos kept consumer (and canine, and feline) insights at the heart of its work — ensuring that the final product combined the power of AI and the wisdom of real people.

Read on to learn how combining artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI) can help you ask the right questions and get better answers, faster.

GEN AI IN ACTION: Research Solutions

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