Customer & Employee Relationships: Ipsos Loyalty
Customer & Employee Relationships: Ipsos Loyalty

Customer Experience and Quality Measurement for Automotive

Ipsos offers deep-dive customer experience surveys and benchmark studies for automotive clients.

Client context

Ipsos Loyalty delivers insight into the customer experience from the beginning to the end of the customer journey. We identify the pain points, as well as the opportunities to delight, to help our clients create a better overall customer experience. The points in the customer journey we typically measure are the:

  • Sales experience at a dealer
  • After sales experience at a dealer
  • User experience of the vehicle.


To assist vehicle manufacturers on product quality improvements, new car conception and customer experience management, Ipsos Automotive also offers deep dive customer experience studies. These can be stand-alone, club or syndicated approaches such as:

  • VQS (Vehicle Quality Survey) tracking customer feedback specifically regarding the nature of vehicle troubles, concerns and design frustrations with the condition, function and performance of their vehicles.
  • EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management) Our portfolio of solutions helps clients capture feedback from transactional experiences in real-time, allowing immediate actions to be taken by the appropriate person. 
  • Mystery shopping assesses the compliance of sales and after sales standards at the dealer network according to the brand rules and philosophy.
  • Club CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) sales and/or after sales customer satisfaction tracking on common KPIs within the industry for sales and after sales processes.

Case studies

French OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) - real time evaluation of customer experience shortly after interacting with a sales or after sales dealers in 33 different countries. +1,7 million interviews per year allowing for immediate problem resolution and monitoring through closed loop feedback.

Club of OEMs– evaluation of customer experience with their new passenger vehicle in 7 European countries including Russia. +125,000 interviews including benchmark data to compare against the competition, the performance of their models after 3 months and 12 months in use.