Innovation & Brand Strategy: Ipsos Marketing
Innovation & Brand Strategy: Ipsos Marketing

Path to Purchase & Shopper Research

Ipsos has developed a strong global expertise in Path-to-Purchase and Shopper Research. We help you to connect with savvy, well-informed consumers in the new retail reality.

Client context

How can I understand how the well-connected consumer make his decision in-store and at e-commerce sites?
How can I understand the impact of Social Media in the purchase decision?
How can I organise my aisle and shelf to generate the most sales?
What is the best shopper marketing plan for my brand?


Our experts have developed solutions that help you to understand the impact of e-commerce and digital information on the stakeholder value chain.

We focus on:

Understanding how to recruit new customers

With the Bridge, a new qualitative solution, we bring together real users and potential users. The Bridge mirrors what happens in real life between early adopters and potential users through authentic conversation. The results will help you shape your messaging, touchpoints, promotions and packaging.

Target the right shoppers at the right touchpoint

LIFE Path will help you understand how consumers make choices along the path-to-purchase and identify which touchpoints are most influential in generating sales. How? Through our comprehensive approach that integrates qualitative and quantitative research, social listening and passive metering.

Optimise your category composition and planogram

Our Adjacencies will show you how to optimise category composition and arrangement by revealing how shoppers organise your products. Our Decision Navigation Trees will help you to optimise your planogram – using mobile, neurosciences and eye tracking. And, when it comes to optimising your assortment and aligning with channel and retailer strategies, our Efficient Assortment will help you identify the combination of SKU’s that will provide the highest sales.

Uncover retailer equity

Compare why shoppers prefer different retailers and the key elements that drive equity at a store, department or category level against drivers that are critical to performance. Retail Perceptor delivers retailer equity as perceived by shoppers. Both manufacturers and retailers can use this information to course correct, adjust marketing plans and ultimately increase sales.

Succeed at Point of Purchase

We offer a modular portfolio of POS activation testing solutions – from ideation to screening to testing to in-market performance. No matter what stage you are at, we can quickly and accurately tell you what’s going to work and what’s not.

Find out what’s really happening in-store

Engage Lite provides quantitative feedback on in-store performance and customer experiences. Collected by discreet in-store observers, Engage Lite tells you how to optimise shoppers’ flow map, the percent of shoppers that interact with the staff and products, average shopping time and which zones shoppers buy from.

Case studies

Our clients are using our expertise in order to increase in-store performance.