Face-to-Face Omnibus (Capibus)

Face-to-Face Omnibus offers the most representative sample of a population. This shared survey vehicle collects extensive background information on the respondent and the household; covering everything from standard demographics through to things like what they use the internet for and whether they own a games console. All of this information is available, either for targeting your questions on particular respondents or for profiling your results.

Client context

A nationally and regionally representative sample of 1,000 or 2,000 adults.

All interviews are carried out by Ipsos interviewers in-home, using CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing).

GB, France, Germany, Spain & Italy every week of the year.

Result delivery
Findings can be delivered as little as 10 days after questionnaire agreement. Your results are supplied as electronic computer tables, a summary report, interactive database or as a presentation.


Benefits when using Capibus:

  • quality and representativity of sample design
  • matched sample wave on wave (ideal for tracking studies)
  • harmonisation of the service across Europe and beyond
  • the opportunity to screen from extensive classification information
  • ability to use visual / audio visual stimulus material
  • speed of turnaround
  • the ability to reach minority groups e.g. ailment sufferers
  • cost effectiveness as a consequence of the above attributes
  • assurance and confidence of delivery without worries.

Case studies

Syndicated Research
For many years we have run a large syndicated financial tracking study via Face-to-Face Omnibus. The study encompasses investment products held, brand awareness, brand image, media consumption and claimed future purchase behaviour. The survey is delivered to all syndicate members using the Memphis Survey Explorer. The software allows users to run complex cross analysis and gives them the ability to produce charts and tables at the touch of a button. We have also successfully modelled data produced by this survey in order to predict the likelihood of shifts (up or down) in the stock market.

Strategically Important Research
Increasingly, clients are placing more strategically important research onto omnibus surveys. As a case in point, our Face-to-Face Omnibus team currently run an image tracking study on behalf of a leading television company. The client's requirement is to show the TV channels' value to the consumer and also to track how its image and reputation changes over time. To make the study a success, it was clear from the outset that it needed a consistent, reliable and time sensitive methodology. Given these requirements, omnibus was seen as being an appropriate solution. The survey has now been running for more than four years and the findings it generates are filtered up to the key decision makers within the client's organisation.

Large-scale Tracking Study
This weekly tracking study has been conducted by Capibus on behalf of one of the UK's leading companies for the past eight years. The aim of the study is to provide the client with a considerably more detailed breakdown of their sales than is obtainable from their own internal sources. 10,000 adults are contacted each month in Great Britain for this study. This questionnaire covers their purchases in the client's area of interest in terms of volume, scope and source of purchase. This data is then grossed up to the Great Britain population and provided to the client electronically on a weekly basis as a series of Excel files. This information is held in high regard and is of great importance to the company's key decision makers.

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