International Omnibus

International Omnibus is used to research just about any market in the world. We have carried out omnibus research in more than 50 countries around the world and have built up an extensive network of like-minded omnibus suppliers. All these suppliers are committed to providing the ultimate in Omnibus research and work to our stringent quality control experience to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Client context

Varies by market but generally 1,000 adults.

All interviews are carried out Online, Face to Face (CAPI – Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing), or via Telephone (CATI - Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing).

In 50+ countries around the World on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

We can deliver findings in as little as 10 days from questionnaire agreement.


Benefits when using International Omnibus:

  • breadth of coverage
  • speed of turnaround
  • quality of sample design
  • cost effectiveness as a consequence of the above attributes
  • assurance and confidence of delivery without worries
  • a team of people who already overcome many of the known potential pitfalls in international research.

Case studies

Global brand health assessment
A major pharmaceutical company requires information on an annual basis on how its brands are performing within a competitive, international context. As part of our Global omnibus service we are able to provide comprehensive knowledge of the areas our client wishes to research, expertise in understanding cultural issues within a research context and to provide a speedy turnaround of results (delivered via tables, presentations and SPSS data file). This particular study has been running for more than four years and the findings are used to aid strategic business decisions.

International market sizing/profiling of gamers
The gaming industry is very fast moving and is constantly evolving in terms of both the hardware and software available. For the past two years, we have run a syndicated omnibus study in this marketplace. This research is designed to gauge the size and profile of the "gamers" market in the key European countries. Whilst the study employs a simplistic questionnaire design, the data processing involved in this study is complex - culminating in a hierarchical SPSS data file being delivered separately for each country involved. As with all tracking data, the end results have to be gathered using a wholly consistent approach - a requirement that our Global Omnibus service could happily meet given the harmonised service we offer in each of the markets concerned.

Sensitive health/medical issues
The UECG (United European Colorectal Cancer Group) identified the need to educate the people of Europe on the dangers and problems caused by (and associated with) colorectal cancer. Whilst this particular form of cancer is the most common across Europe, it also has the highest success rate when caught early. In order to implement the educational programme, the UECG had to lobby the European parliament with evidence that awareness of this form of cancer was very low throughout Europe. In order to gather information to support the UECG case, we conducted a pan-European research programme covering all of the countries within the European union. Our remit was to design a questionnaire that met all of the project objectives for the lowest possible price. We provided individual country tables grossed up to the total population, consolidated pan-European and regional (North, South, East & West) European tables and a full presentation of the main findings.

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