Online Omnibus (I-Omnibus)

Online Omnibus offers a great compromise between speed, price and sample representativeness and is ideal for local or international research challenges.

Client context

Nationally representative sample of 1,000 or 2,000 adults.

All respondents are selected from Ipsos I-Say Panels (or high-quality preferred panel providers where Ipsos panels are not available).

Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Results delivery
Results in one week.
For very fast turnaround, I-Instant our overnight solution will be proposed. Read more on I-Instant.


Benefits when using I-Omnibus:

  • cheapest international data collection
  • speed of turnaround
  • ability to use visual / audio visual stimulus material
  • opportunity to analyse results using extensive classification information
  • assurance and confidence of delivery without worries
  • a team of people who already overcome many of the known potential pitfalls in international research.

Case studies

Multi-country behavioural study
As access to and use of the Internet (for e-mail in particular) continues to rise, so too does the potential for unsolicited commercial e-mail (or spam) to become the modern day "junk mail". But how effective can it truly be? Our client needed to decide whether "spamming" was a cost-effective way of approaching future customers for a variety of online services and product categories. Using the Online Omnibus in such diverse markets as GB, France, Germany, the US, Canada and Brazil, we were able to assess the proportion of spam mail being deleted without even being read, the demographic groups most susceptible to spam marketing, the service/product categories yielding the greatest success as a result of spamming, and satisfaction levels with the post-spam purchase process.

Rapid testing of service concepts
As mobile telephone markets in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific mature, network operators worldwide are putting in place strategies to increase the average revenue generated per user. Growth in this marketplace has to come from increasing the richness of the mobile experience for customers. Working with a leading mobile network operator at the forefront of this strategic shift, we have designed and implemented a successful international programme to allow rapid testing of services concepts, which have previously been screened and selected as interesting and motivating to customers. We recommended the use of the Online Omnibus approach to meet key needs in this market because of the acute need for speed, the use of evocative multi-media stimulus materials, and the targeting of early adopters and innovators.

"Which one should we launch with?"
Our client needed to decide which of two potential covers was most suitable for the launch of a DVD. We tested the visual appeal of both covers and asked respondents to rate both in terms of likeability and also the kind of emotions the two covers inspired in them. The aim was to identify which cover inspired the emotions that matched most closely with those messages that the film was attempting to get across to the viewer. The research clearly identified the winner and the cover was used in the subsequent DVD launch.

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