[EVENT] GOR 2020

On September 11, Eva Wittmann presented Unlocking new technology – 360-degree images in market research

Using 360-degree images in research studies presents a lot of benefits for researchers, clients, as well as consumers: it allows us to present more realistic concepts and products for evaluation – and it gives respondents the ability to examine products and concepts in more detail, and in a more realistic context, and thus hopefully increase respondent engagement.

In an experimental design, we compared the responses and behaviour of respondent being exposed to traditional images (i.e. static/front-facing) vs. 360-degree concepts (N=600 completes). We focused on engagement metrics (direct engagement and passive in survey measures) and measured the possible impact of 360-degree images on the overall survey data.

We show that unsurprisingly, respondents showed a positive reaction on the new way of displaying concepts / products; in particular, we highlight how engagement measures increased. We will also discuss the impact on data we observed, and we present our recommendations on whether or not to we believe replacing traditional images with 360-degree images would impact benchmarks or trends.

This research is examining the impact of the new 360-degree technology on survey data and gives an outlook on how it can be adapted to serve market research needs.

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Speakers :

  • Eva Wittmann, Total Operations, Germany

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