[EVENT] Let's Talk: How Brands Grow

In his book 'How Brands Grow', Byron Sharp has made some bold statements that have stirred the market research world and made us reflect on our research practices. We decided to look at some of the data from our Brand Equity database, speak to Ipsos global brand experts and challenge our thinking with Sharp's point of view.

According to Sharp:

  • Increasing penetration is the best way to grow your brand.
  • Memory Structures help consumers to buy your brand more often.
  • Mass marketing works - marketing with a reach-optimised single simple message is still the most effective way to drive sales.

Our conclusion? Well, Sharp does make interesting points. Yes, we also believe, that there's more to the story.

Join us as we discuss and share our thoughts on how we can make Sharp's statements actionable within your brand strategy. We will also share a few case studies of how some brands have jumpstarted their growth on the back of communications and media innovations.

How much do you agree with these statements?

Discuss with us over breakfast!

*Event is by invitation-only. Contact us for more information.

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