An introduction to Flair Chile 2023: A historic year?

Discover the first edition of Flair Chile 2023: Navigating new global disorder amidst tremendous challenges.

Ipsos | Flair Chile 2023 | Introduction

Ipsos | Ipsos Flair Chile This first edition of Flair Chile launches in 2023, an eventful year for the world and one that has presented tremendous challenges for our country. The global landscape is marked by a new global disorder, as the latest version of the Ipsos Global Trends shows. 

Chile, despite its location in a corner of the world isolated by its natural borders, is not immune to the upheavals the world is experiencing. On the contrary, the high adoption of technological advances and an economy open to the world decades ago makes us susceptible to this uncertainty. Moreover, internally we are going through a process of social, political, and economic instability.

Our aforementioned Global Trends study provides some clues about the climate of division and mistrust that citizens perceive of those surveyed in our country; 86% believe that in Chile there are more conflicts between people who do not share the same values (9pp more than the global average), eight out of ten say they are concerned that the government and public services will do too little to help people in the coming years, and only 29% trust business leaders to tell the truth. 

No one is surprised by the bleak picture that Chileans see in the aftermath of recent years. However, the hope is that brands and companies, public services and state organisations, citizens and consumers, and everyone in Chile will move forward together in a more promising direction.

2023 has already revealed some surprises so far. Inflation, which had been rising in recent years after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, has begun to moderate. This is reflected in consumer confidence, which has seen a slow but steady rise this year.

The articles in this edition of Flair, written by our experts, provide different perspectives on themes such as identity, generations, sustainability, ways of working, and technological advances.


Welcome to Flair Chile, we hope you enjoy the read!

Table of content 

  1. An introduction to Flair Chile 2023: A historic year?
  2. Global view of Chile
  3. Gen Z: A snowflake generation?
  4. Feminism in Chile: A movement that is progressing, albeit slowly
  5. The chilean route to sustainable development
  6. Is it possible to innovate in a disruptive way in Chile?