Ipsos at Cannes Lions 2024/ Citizen Cannes



Tuesday June 18 – 3:15pm to 3:45pm CEST
How To Get Creative Media Context Right

Overview: Join us as our panel explores the transformation of social advertising from a primarily conversion-focused tactic to a powerful tool for sustained brand growth. We'll discuss strategies to foster not just quick engagement but enduring brand relationships. Our goal is to demonstrate how social media can be used beyond quick conversions to foster long-term brand growth, enhancing strategic marketing and creative campaign development.

Panel composition: Manny Flores (EVP, Media, Ipsos), Adam Sheridan (Global Head, Creative Innovation, Ipsos), Tim Nativitad (US Head of Enterprise Sales, TikTok), Alexandra Bolten (Global Head of Social/Influence, L’Oreal), Claudine Patel (CMO, Consumer Healthcare, North America, Sanofi), Maxime André (Marketing Director in charge of Innovation, M6 Publicité)


Tuesday June 18 – 5:00pm to 5:30pm CEST
Crushing Conformity with Creativity

Overview: Join the Misfits as we hear from the Cannes Lions Marketer of the Year 2024 and other world-leading brands on how to crush conformity.  Listen to how these brands have used originality and empathy to defy the shackles of conformity to supercharge their business.   
Our goal will be to demonstrate how the Misfits way to Creative Excellence can amplify effectiveness in a chaotic (AI) world.

Panel composition: Shaun Dix (Global Head of Creative Excellence, Ipsos), Samira Brophy (Senior Director, Creative Excellence, Ipsos), Tati Lindenberg (VP, Marketing, Unilever), Ulrich Klenke (Brand and Marketing Lead, Deutsche Telekom), Richard Schmidt (Group Head Group Head of Wellbeing and Stimulation Business Unit , BAT).


Wednesday June 19 – 5:00pm
Breaking Barriers With Female Forward Advertising

Overview: Is your brand keeping pace with cultural shifts? In our rapidly changing world, authentic female representation in advertising is no longer optional—it's crucial for success. Join us to discover how pushing boundaries fosters strong connections and unlocks sustainable brand growth.  We'll examine strategies for impactful and genuine advertising, equipping your organization to shape the future of female representation in an evolving world.

Panel composition: Lindsay Franke (Group President & US Exco, Ipsos), Aurélie Jacquemin (Global Creative Excellence CGO, Ipsos, Olya Dyachuk (Global Media and Data director, Heineken), Quentin Delobelle (Communication Director, Orange France), Julie Regis (Global Creative Excellence, Content & Partnerships Lead, Sanofi), Christine Guilfoyle (President, SeeHer)


Thursday June 20 – 9:00am
Ipsos Global Trends breakfast

Ben Page, CEO of Ipsos and Alexandre Guérin, CEO at Ipsos France.


Thursday June 20 – 10am to 10:30am CEST
Vote for Brands!

Overview: In a year of global elections where more than 4 billion will be heard at the ballot box in more than 70 countries.  The outcomes will be varied but one trend is clear: citizens place less trust in governments than brands. This trust vacuum presents an opportunity for brands to shine where parties and politicians fall short by addressing the macro ESG context and micro context of people.  On stage, we will discuss how different brands are navigating this vacuum and meeting citizens where they are.

Panel composition:
Moderators: Clifford Young (President, US Public Affairs, Ipsos), Emmanuel Probst (Global Lead, Brand Thought-Leadership, Ipsos)  
Participants: Samantha Moore (Director, Market Research, Microsoft), Elise James Decruise (Chief Equity Officer, Ad Council), Myralda Derks (Chief Customer & Business Intelligence Officer, L’Oréal), Rob Gaige (Head of Global Insights, Reddit)

Meet our experts

Ipsos' experts will be happy to chat with you during the week.

Ben Page
CEO of Ipsos

In the post pandemic polycrisis world, understanding how consumers and citizens interact with brands becomes all the more important. We look forward to Cannes to demonstrate how successful brands harness understanding of their context, with empathy and creativity, to drive growth. See you at our pavilion on the beach every day at 5pm.

Adam Sheridan

Aurelie Jacquemin

Alexandre Guérin

Clifford Young

Eleanor Thornton-Firkin

Shaun Dix

Emmanuel Probst

Lindsay Franke

Manny Flores


Samira Brophy


Don't miss out Ipsos speaking on other panels:

The value of trusted journalism in 2024: Marketing in a polarized world [June 17 | 10am-10:30am Presented by World Media Group | 29 Rue du Commandant André]  
What is the role of trusted, international news brands in today's marketing mix? In a year of global elections and polarised opinions, where can news brands add value to your campaigns, and how can you ensure you are getting the most impact from your partnerships? 
Panelists: Daniel Wong-Chi-Man (Global Service Line Leader - Audience Measurement, Ipsos), Johanna Mayer-Jones (Global Chief Advertising Officer, Washington Post), Jamila Saidi (Global Head of Digital Commerce, UK Department for Business and Trade)

Female Quotient Equality Lounge: Unleash Your Inner Disruptor: Leading with an Entrepreneurial Edge [June 17 | 11am – 11:30am | Hotel Martinez, 73 boulevard de la Croisette]
Forget the traditional leadership playbook, today's market demands bold leadership. Hear more about the essential qualities needed to thrive in a dynamic environment - qualities that define today's most successful leaders: those with an entrepreneurial mindset. Featuring Ipsos North America CEO, Mary Ann Packo, this panel conversation welcomes executives who hold the entrepreneurial spirit near and dear, we’ll talk about identifying growth opportunities, embracing calculated risks, and learning from stumbles.
Panelists: Mary Ann Packo (North America CEO, Ipsos), Gina Cavallo (Chief Revenue Officer, Audigent), Lindsey Abramo (CEO, World of Good Brands), Kya Sainsbury-Carter (CVP, Microsoft Advertising), Cathy Oh (Head of Marketing, Samsung Ads)

How insights-driven approaches are empowering marketers to optimise campaigns and drive personalised experiences [June 18 |11:20am-10.50am | Insights Lighthouse Stage | Hotel Majestic] 
Moderator: Raquel Navarro-Prieto (Insights GM at Portfolio Strategy and Market Analysis, Roche,Spain)
Panelists: James Sallows (Global Head of Marketing Effectiveness, the Lego group, UK), Nendra van Wielink (former Director, Global Media, Kraft Heinz, Netherlands), Olga Komleva (Marketing Director, Colgate-Palmolive, Switzerland), Anna-Sterre Mees (Global Director Intelligence & Marketing Strategy, Philips, Netherlands), Arnaud Debia (Global Creative Development Director, Ipsos)

Female Quotient Equality Lounge: Beyond the Bleachers: Men Championing Women’s Sports [June 18 | 4pm – 4:30pm | Hotel Martinez, 73 boulevard de la Croisette]
Our daily 'Manel' invites male executives to the stage to touch upon topics they’re rarely asked about. Women's sports are finally receiving the spotlight they deserve, but the conversation has primarily focused on female perspectives. However, men are increasingly activating their brands and interest in this space—investing in further elevating women’s sports and athletes. This panel of male executives, including Ipsos’ Jamie Stenziano, will dive into the power of sports—its influence on girls and women—and the exciting business opportunities at hand.
Panelists: Jamie Stenziano (SVP, Senior Client Officer, Media and Entertainment, Ipsos), Andres Cardenas (CMO, Minute Media and GM, The Players’ Tribune), Kevin Arrix (Chief Growth Officer, XR Extreme Reach), Lee Brown (Chief Revenue Officer, Spotify)

Female Quotient Equality Lounge: Beyond the Stereotypes: How Gender Diversity in Engineering & Insights Drives Marketing Innovation [June 19 | 2:30pm – 3pm | Hotel Martinez, 73 boulevard de la Croisette]
Engineering has long been seen as a male domain, while women tend to dominate insights organizations. This is changing, however, with improved outcomes across functions emerging. Ipsos’ Philip Ryan joins a panel discussion exploring the positive impact of a more gender-balanced approach in engineering and insights. Hear from female leaders who thrived across these traditionally siloed fields and can share the evolutions they are seeing.
Panelists: Philip Ryan (Managing Partners, Ipsos Strategy3, Ipsos), Siew Ting Foo (Founder, Soul for Profit), Karin Kimbrough (Chief Economist, Linkedin), Caroline Yap (Managing Director, Global AI Business, Google)

Creative Impact Unpacked: Why Does Everything Look the Same [June 21 | 11:30am – 12:15pm | Palais des Festivals, Rotonde Stage, 1 boulevard de la Croisette]
The era we are traveling in seems to produce a culture of sameness. It is an issue for marketers, who trade in distinctiveness. Discover what's driving this move towards sameness, why the shift towards low-attention media is exacerbating the problem and – importantly – what brands can actually do to break free.
Panelists: Eleanor Thornton-Firkin (UK Head of Creative Excellence, Ipsos), Dr. Karen Nelson-Field (Founder and CEO, Amplified Intelligence), Lisa Smith (Global Executive Creative Director, Jones Knowles Ritchie), Aditya Kishore (Insights Director, WARC)



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