Healthcare focus: Maximising omnichannel customer engagement

Today’s rapid acceleration in the use of virtual channels means omnichannel engagement strategies are needed, and quickly. Your customers are now consuming and communicating information in innumerable new ways.

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  • Svetlana Gogolina Healthcare, UK
  • Jo Appleton Healthcare, UK
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Maximizing omnichannel customer engagement | Healthcare | Ipsos

Recent seismic shifts in healthcare and society have forced change through the disruption of current behaviors and acceleration of new ones. Where digital was once a bolt-on to traditional commercial models, it now has a dominant, business-critical role to play. And expectations are that it is here to stay, with healthcare professionals already telling us they expect more virtual interactions in the future, pandemic or no-pandemic.

Successful omnichannel customer engagement will depend on defining, optimising and measuring your omnichannel strategy. We believe it’s not about all-digital or all off-line but an intelligent and carefully curated mix of channels that delivers a omnichannel engagement experience to customers and patients in a personalised and value-added way.

Read our white paper for the Ipsos point of view on what it takes to succeed. Winning with your omnichannel engagement will depend on:

  • Understanding the current channel landscape: What works and doesn’t work, the channels customers use and prefer
  • Identifying the optimal channel mix to ensure the right messages are available and delivered via the right combination of channels
  • Customising the channel offering to needs of key segments, so they receive the information they want, when and how they want it
  • Implementing the right measurement to track performance

As omnichannel customer engagement takes center stage in the commercialisation of pharma brands, the right data and insights are essential to inform which activities to start, stop or accelerate for the optimal customer experience.

Ipsos has robust and scientific research solutions to address requirements for diagnosing, designing and delivering your omnichannel customer engagement strategy. To learn more, reach out to Svetlana Gogolina and Jo Appleton, or your local Ipsos contact.

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The author(s)

  • Svetlana Gogolina Healthcare, UK
  • Jo Appleton Healthcare, UK

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