The New Era of Innovation

Shattering the Stage Gates with Generative AI.

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  • Dr Nikolai Reynolds Global Head of Product Testing, Innovation, Germany
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Artificial intelligence has triggered a seismic shift in innovation development, enabling businesses to bring better products and services into our world. 

Our latest Ipsos Views POV, The New Era of Innovation, introduces our philosophy for innovation with Generative AI (GenAI), which empowers insights functions to produce bolder innovations, with faster development cycles and smarter processes.

More specifically, we explore how GenAI: 

 Shatters traditional stage gates: 

The outdated innovation funnel, characterized by isolated teams and disjointed processes, has long hindered business growth. The rise of GenAI has enabled a new era that fosters collaboration and agility, with elevated systems and solutions igniting bolder innovations at an unprecedented pace. 

 Builds breakthroughs from barriers: 

GenAI is disrupting the way businesses operate. By tearing through silos, it enables smarter, faster and bolder insights. Training large language models (LLMs) with fresh consumer data gives manufacturers a unique opportunity to overcome barriers in their innovation cycles and achieve superior results. 

Powers insight professionals with new possibilities:

GenAI does not diminish the role of insight divisions; it elevates it. Although AI has unveiled a future of new possibilities, human expertise will remain at its core, ensuring a strategic, intelligent and responsible application to achieve innovation success. 

Requires responsible AI: 

Prioritizing responsible innovation, compliance, and ethics will be critical, ensuring a safe and transformative integration of AI. As GenAI becomes more deeply integrated into innovation development, key considerations like data privacy, responsible AI practices, and the necessity for human oversight and intelligence will become increasingly important.

Every technique using AI is shattering traditional innovation cycles, crashing through silos with unique capabilities to fuel new product development with a range of benefits.

While AI advancements like video generation and quantum computing offer boundless potential for innovation, human ingenuity remains crucial. The new era of innovation, where humans and AI work in tandem, promises a future filled with possibilities for creating extraordinary products that bring businesses even closer to consumers. 

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The author(s)
  • Dr Nikolai Reynolds Global Head of Product Testing, Innovation, Germany

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