Online Audience Measurement in The Arab World

Ipsos conducted a study among internet users to track the internet consumption and behaviour across individuals in 11 MENA countries.

Internet penetration

  • 38% of countries in MENA has internet penetration
  • 61% in GCC (KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar)
  • 30% North Africa (Egypt-urban, Morocco)
  • 30% Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq)

General browsing behaviour

Main place of accessing the internet:

  • 34% access the internet from work
  • 87% access the internet from home
  • 14% access the internet from friends, neighbors or relatives house
  • 7% access the internet from school
  • 8% access the interent from public places and internet cafes
  • 13% access the internet from other places

Consumed social media platforms among internet users

  • KSA is the country where users use the most Twitter: 33%, compared to 20% in UAE and 17% in Egypt.
  • Jordan is the country where users use the most Facebook: 86%, compared to 78% in Egypt and 66% in UAE.
  • UAE is the country where users use the most LinkedIn: 11%, compared to 8% in Jordan and 3% in KSA.

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