The power of research panels

Ipsos has invested in a global network of online access research for the past 20 years to deliver the highest standard of research insights. We believe the future of quality market research will continue to depend on properly managed research panels.

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  • Frank Kelly Total Operations, US
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power of research panels | Market research | IpsosAccessing the right respondents at the right time is the foundation of effective market research. A technology-driven evolution of data collection methods has resulted in the emergence of different channels to access participants – particularly when it means costs can be reduced.

Not all research companies choose to own and operate proprietary research panels, but Ipsos chooses to continually invest in panels because they deliver a consistent quality advantage over other sources.

The success of high-quality panel research is built on five main pillars:

  1. Sample Stability
  2. Rigorous Sampling Process
  3. Quality Respondents
  4. Respondent Engagement
  5. Respondent Trust

In this paper, we explore these five aspects in more detail comparing panel and non-panel sources. Also find out about new developments, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which include carrying out high-engagement qualitative research online.

Ipsos believes that the future of market research insights will continue to depend on access to properly managed research panels.

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The author(s)

  • Frank Kelly Total Operations, US

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