Russia Trend Vision 2020

How to make the future manageable.

Russian version

As the world is trying to understand the impact caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic and as uncertainty still remains, in this issue of the annual «Trend Vision 2020. Russia» report we focus on building future and how to make the future manageable. We talk about trends, signals of change and how to analyse them, in order to make the future, in which this world crisis is not the last one, to be not a frightening «black box», but a platform for exciting experiments for successful brands and companies focused on long-term sustainability.

In the new report:

  • Restrictions – re-engage or mitigate? What world is the consumer striving for?
  • Life Stage. Perception of the crisis depending on the stage of life. What syndicated study RusIndex says.
  • The creative role of crises. Are we waiting for the future to come, making predictions or building scenarios?
  • From destruction to creation and finding new principles of balance:
    • Physical security – Digital security
    • Technology – Humanity
    • Online – Offline
    • Accelerate – Slow down
    • Ecology – Economy
  • Monitoring of change. Why do we need to track changes?
  • Guidelines for the future. What is important for the consumers, and how to communicate with them

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