[WEBINAR] Building Distinctive Brand Assets: Four Measures That Matter

While many brands strive for differentiation in a marketplace, distinctiveness should be a brand’s true goal! Brand distinctiveness encourages consumers to meaningfully engage with a brand’s identity, increasing saliency and sales. And, distinctive assets help build and maintain mental networks around the brand, helping the brand be noticed at the right moment, and improve the brand’s linkage in communication.

However, identifying and building brand assets has been a challenge. By deconstructing a brand’s distinctiveness into four categories, Ipsos delves deeper into understanding what sets brands apart. These measures allow us to determine how the brand’s assets are linked with consumers’ mental image of the brand.

View this recorded webinar to hear Ipsos’ Dave Gryga demonstrate how you can gain a deeper understanding of the level of distinctiveness for your brands, highlighting strengths to leverage and opportunities to further drive distinctiveness.

Download the presentation slides and the infographic.

Speakers :

  • David Gryga, Ipsos Marketing, US

Consumer & Shopper