[WEBINAR] Getting Up Close & Personal

Some of the surprising world events of late have made it clear that people don’t always tell us what they’re doing, or how they’re feeling, and why.  Long gone are the days of sitting behind the glass, eating M&Ms and watching a focus group.

As we have learned more from the social sciences, including behavioral science and anthropology, we understand the value of getting out with real people in real life – walking in their shoes, seeing what they see, and hearing what they’re not telling us.  And in context research has come a long way, too, from the early days of sending a moderator into a home with a discussion guide to do an in home interview, to today’s immersions, which leverage ethnographic principles to give a glimpse into real life.

View this on demand webinar to hear the principles for maximizing insights from immersions, and inspiring examples that you’ll fall in love with!

Speakers :

  • April Jeffries, Ipsos UU, US

  • Beth Byron, Ipsos UU, USA

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