[WEBINAR] GreenBook: How to engage your Gen Z consumers in online communities

Gen Z is widely known for commanding more personalized attention from brands. So it should come as no surprise that this group has become a driving force for marketing teams to completely reconstruct their strategies to successfully engage them.

In other words, if you’re not boosting your strategy to include content in the format that they prefer, or on the channels they frequent, or by the messaging that resonates with them, then you’re likely missing them entirely. 

Join Ipsos’ Christie Moorman, Jennifer Torgersen, and Sarah Dewald for an enlightening discussion about how to leverage online communities as a powerful tool for meaningful interaction and collaboration with your Gen Z consumers. 

Throughout the webinar, we’ll explore how online communities help uncover the factors shaping the mindsets and purchase decisions of Gen Z, as well as their expectations around brand communications and media. We’ll also provide myth-busting analyses, powerful strategies, and engagement-driven research techniques.

  •  Case Studies: Powerful real-world examples of leveraging online communities for richer, more authentic insights
  •  Engagement Tactics: Techniques that will help you reach, resonate, and connect with Gen Z audiences
  •  Research Techniques: How to develop frameworks that drive deeper consumer understanding

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3 Essential Tactics to Build Your Gen Z Audience: 

Speakers :

  • Jennifer Torgersen | Ipsos

    Jennifer Torgersen, Senior Director, Online Communities, Ipsos

  • Sarah Dewald | Ipsos

    Sarah Dewald, Community Strategist, Online Communities, Ipsos

  • Christie Moorman | Ipsos

    Christie Moorman, Senior Vice President, Online Communities, Ipsos

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