[Webinar] KEYS - The empathy effect

Ipsos  - Webinar KEYS | The empathy effect


Empathy is a powerful tool for understanding the people that matter to us from different angles, and for re-thinking the way we do things.

In this episode in our KEYS webinar series, we explored how empathy can take us out of our world and into the world of another. Applying an empathetic lens to a situation can transform an insight from being a detached observation to something more transformative.

On the agenda:

Taking the Temperature

We reflect on the latest public opinion research and ask ourselves what the findings are telling us about the real worlds people are living in. Our annual Earth Day survey is the subject of a special focus.

Empathy in Action

Action without empathy is meaningless. Empathy without action is soft and directionless. But empathy and action together form a potent force to help drive change. We’ve been reviewing how organizations have leveraged empathy and action for business results. 

How Empathy Elevates Brand Success

Empathy is about understanding what's important to people, their day-to-day experiences, and the wider communities they are part of. We’ve been exploring how brand managers, marketers and communicators can use empathy to truly connect with individuals at those moments that matter.

Creative Effectiveness – the Empathy Factor

Against today’s uncertain backdrop, people expect brands to understand their current situation and connect with how they feel. We share new evidence and cases which illustrate how creativity and empathy are a potent blend when it comes to building successful advertising campaigns.

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Speakers :

  • Jennifer Hubber | Ipsos

    Jennifer Hubber, Chief Client Officer, Head of Ipsos Global Client Organisation

  • Simon Atkinson | Ipsos

    Simon Atkinson, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos Knowledge Centre

  • April Jeffries - Global President, Ethnography and Immersive Research, Ipsos

    April Jeffries, Global President, Ethnography and Immersive Research, Ipsos

  • Arnaud Debia | Ipsos

    Arnaud Debia, Global Creative Development Director, Creative Excellence, Ipsos

  • Ipsos | Geraldine Rodriguez

    Geraldine Rodriguez, Client Manager, Creative Excellence, Ipsos in Spain