[WEBINAR] Measuring the ROI of Your VOC

Are you really maximising the ROI of your VOC program? How do you know?

Determining return on investment (ROI) is critically important when evaluating the success of any research program, including your Voice of the Customer (VOC) program. Without knowing the full value of what you are getting, as well as the full amount of your spend, how do you know if your VOC program is truly generating positive return?

When you put your VOC program out to bid, you will hear each solution provider’s promise of the highest ROI possible. This sounds great, doesn’t it? And it is. Yet, if you look carefully, the meaning that those solution providers are attaching to the phrase ROI runs the gamut. Simply put, there isn’t one definition of the term, nor is there one approach to measuring it. What’s lacking is a framework against which to assess one company’s promise of ROI against others.

Join us for a webinar during which we will discuss the three main questions you should ask when determining if you are maximizing the ROI of your VOC program.

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Speakers :

  • Mary DeBisschop, Senior Vice President, US, Ipsos Loyalty

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