The year of AICI – 3 paths to making artificial intelligence work for your insights team in 2022

Synthesio CMO Allen Bonde discusses how to get started with AI-enabled consumer intelligence in 2022.

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  • Allen Bonde Chief Marketing Officer, Synthesio
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The rise of new post-COVID consumer behaviours, plus the continuing adoption of new digital and “convergent” channels is making it harder then ever for brands to keep up with changing buyer (and citizen) needs and wants. Add in the renewed urgency to use both online and offline data to drive better business decisions at scale, plus the continuing march to democratise data science, and you have a perfect storm in the world of consumer insights. One that is stirring up new interest in the role of AI to both provide new solutions – and also challenge the status quo.

This is why 2022 is shaping up to be the year of AI-enabled Consumer Intelligence or AICI. As reviewed in a recent article on MyCustomer, AICI may be motivated by the search for unknown unknowns, but it’s more than just finding new insights and getting all your data together.

The march to AICI actually started with investments brands made in social listening, VOC, and text analytics over the past decade, and has roots in all of these areas as Forrester’s Cinny Little pointed out in her research from 2020. Add the dual needs to get closer to the customer while also doing this more efficiently by consolidating around one insights platform that blends “behavioural data with solicited and unsolicited feedback,” as Joe Rice from Twitter framed it recently – and we have the latest spark for driving AICI into many more organisations.

Of course, how individual organisations adopt and roll out AICI depends on their focus, functional needs, and ultimately, their current digital and data maturity. As discussed in a recent blog, there are 3 paths to AICI:

  • Insights “Insourcers” lead the way.
  • Insights “Outsourcers” are fast followers.
  • Insights “Integrators” will elevate social or VoC programs to AICI.

Orienting your plan to where you are in this journey is super important. There is no best place to start. But picking your starting point, seeing who will join the cause and play key roles on your AICI team, and determining what tools are in-place or are needed should all be on your checklist.

For those excited about the possibilities of this next generation of consumer insights, check out the full blog and our new “AICI Vision” video:

If you and your team are eager to see our solutions in action, you can also request a demo with one of our friendly sales engineers here.

The author(s)
  • Allen Bonde Chief Marketing Officer, Synthesio

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