Making Belonging Joyful: Inclusive representation in advertising to grow brands

Entertainment, joy, and brand consistency make Virgin Atlantic’s ‘See The World Differently’ Ipsos' ad of 2022 for the UK.

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  • Samira Brophy Senior Director, Creative Excellence
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Making Belonging Joyful: How to make a good vignette adThere was a lot of debate in 2022 about how to make effective ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) advertising. Brands were looking to find the right balance between delivering a great creative experience to the audience, having a differentiated ESG angle, and connecting their brand in a way that delivered business outcomes. 

In this context, it gives us great pleasure to share that Virgin Atlantic’s “See the World Differently”,  made by Lucky Generals, is our ad of the year 2022 and a good example of how to do the ‘S’ in ESG with flair. It is a brilliant effectiveness case study on the power of positive representation done well, with the use of entertainment, joy, and brand consistency.

Annabelle Cordelli, Senior Vice President of Brand & Marketing, Virgin Atlantic:

People have always been at the heart of Virgin Atlantic and important to the success of the brand. Our people are our differentiator, so it made sense to start by championing them and their individuality, and then applying this spirit to everything we do. 

Alice McGinn, Strategy Director, Lucky Generals:

Unlike other airlines, Virgin Atlantic staff aren't required to follow a script, but are instead encouraged to be themselves, offering customers a more personal touch. It is this quality of individuality that Virgin Atlantic’s people and customers share, that we set out to capture.

Nicola Kemp, Editorial Director, Creativebrief:

In many ways this campaign is part of a watershed for radical inclusivity in marketing. The sheer creative joy of authentic portrayal comes alive on screen in this campaign. Through working with the Diversity Standards Collective, Virgin Atlantic and Lucky Generals successfully translated the lived experiences of their employees on screen. A depth of understanding which has not just informed this work, but has been a driver for positive change within the business.

The author(s)
  • Samira Brophy Senior Director, Creative Excellence

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