[WEBINAR] Ask Us Anything: Parenting and TV in the time of COVID

Parents are the people most turned upside down by the Covid lockdown. They’re juggling being employees, teachers, babysitters, entertainers, personal chefs, and so much more - 24/7, 7 days a week. Yet these unsung heroes are managing to cope and succeed in this anxious and challenging time, especially by leveraging content and entertainment tools to help them parent. 

Join us for a complimentary webinar featuring Ipsos’ latest public polling data, and data from a custom study focused on parents and entertainment during the lockdown. Some areas we’ll be exploring include:

  • How parents are feeling: What public opinion tells us about parents’ attitudes and new normal in the time of COVID-19.
  • How they are managing: What are parents doing to juggle all their new roles and the overlap of work, parenting and educating. 
  • The Role of Entertainment: How are parents leveraging content and entertainment differently and what evolving roles it’s playing. 
  • Which behaviors will last, post-Covid: Leveraging Behavioral Science, we will discuss which behaviors are likely to stick when the epidemic is over. And which are likely to be short lived.

Register today, and submit your questions in advance. Registering will also ensure you receive a direct link to the recording once published.

Speakers :

  • Andrea Marker , Senior Vice President, Head of Content Strategy, US, Media Development

  • Mallory Newall, Vice President, US, Public Affairs

  • Greg Gwiasda, Ph.D., Vice President and Behavioral Scientist, NA, Behavioral Science Center