[WEBINAR] Ask Us Anything: Brand Strategy & Communications in a Covid World

Coronavirus presents a number of challenges to brands and policy makers. As consumers take protective actions against the virus, their health/financial concerns and behavioral adjustments will continue to have an enormous social and economic impact. Join us for a complimentary webinar as we examine how Covid-19 will impact brand strategy and communications through the lens of behavioral science.

We need to think about brand management and communications against a fluid backdrop of shifting context and behavior change.  Forced from their automatic rhythms, people are making decisions in a unique period of distress where they are more likely to pay attention to brands willing to properly engage. There are a number of ways brands can tap different influences on decision-making to help people adapt to dramatic shifts in their daily routines, and we will discuss these in the webinar.

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Speakers :

  • Lindsay Franke, Head of Creative Excellence, US

  • Lauren Demar, Global Chief Growth Officer, Ipsos US

  • Chris Murphy, President & Global Lead, Market and Brand Strategy

Media & Brand Communication