[WEBINAR] COVID-19 Healthcare Impact: Biosurveillance Atlas

The pandemic involving COVID-19 continues to mature and making educated and real-time decisions in an evolving crisis requires access to and use of disparate information sources and applying advanced research methods to better understand the public's reaction to the crisis. Applying these capabilities will help improve decisionmakers’ ability to understand the public’s perception and response to government policies which in turn allows localized management of the evolving crisis. With the priority of creating better health outcomes for our citizens, real-time knowledge of public perceptions and opinions can help inform decision-makers on how to strategically communicate with stakeholders and increase preparedness by understanding public sentiment and behaviors at either a national or local level view. 

Please join Ipsos Public Affairs President, Dr. Clifford Young, and global BioSurveillance expert, Mark Polyak, for a complimentary webinar series about Ipsos’ BioSurveillance Atlas, where we will discuss how our clients are leveraging this capability for making real-time, expedient and data-driven decisions during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.

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For more information, please send inquiries to BioSurveillanceAtlas@Ipsos.com

Speakers :

  • Clifford Young, President, US, Public Affairs

    Cliff Young is President of Ipsos Public Affairs in the United States, and also leads Ipsos global election and political polling risk practice. His research specialties include social and public opinion trends, crisis management, corporate and institution reputation, and election polling. Cliff is considered an expert on polling in emerging markets, as well as polling in adverse and hostile conditions, and has polled on over 100 elections around the world. Cliff earned his BA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and did his graduate work at the University of Chicago (MA and PhD). He trained in survey sampling at the University of Michigan and in political psychology at Stanford. Cliff is also an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins SAIS and an instructor at both Columbia University SIPA and University of São Paulo where he teaches courses on public opinion and election forecasting.

  • Mark Polyak, Senior Vice President, Ipsos US, Public Affairs

    Mark Polyak is a Senior Vice President at Ipsos US Public Affairs and director of Risk Analytics Division (RAD). As head of RAD, Mark is responsible for developing technology solutions for complex emergency response planning and operations and geopolitical forecasting. He has pioneered and developed several technology approaches and remote assessment methodologies for rapid assessments in Fragility Conflict Violence (FCV) setting, including in 16 countries for World Bank, UN and other multi-lateral international organizations. During the recent Ebola crisis, he was responsible for providing daily Ebola situational updates, forecasting and modeling for Department of Defense and our Allied Partners.