[WEBINAR] Brand Biden vs Brand Trump

Some say the imminent election is a 'battle for the soul of America' and a 'clash of cultures', but perhaps it should also be seen as a battle of brands. After all, Trump is nothing if not a savvy manager of his brand.

So what do we learn when we use our commercial brand measurement tools to assess the equity, preference intensity, implicit associations, and selection/choice drivers for the Presidential candidates? And what does this tell us about the potential outcomes?

Join us for our pre-election complimentary webinar as we share the results of our Presidential brand analysis.

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Speakers :

  • Chris Murphy, President & Global Lead, Market and Brand Strategy

  • Chris Jackson, Senior Vice President, US, Public Affairs

  • Clifford Young, President, US, Public Affairs

    Cliff Young is President of Ipsos Public Affairs in the United States, and also leads Ipsos global election and political polling risk practice. His research specialties include social and public opinion trends, crisis management, corporate and institution reputation, and election polling. Cliff is considered an expert on polling in emerging markets, as well as polling in adverse and hostile conditions, and has polled on over 100 elections around the world. Cliff earned his BA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and did his graduate work at the University of Chicago (MA and PhD). He trained in survey sampling at the University of Michigan and in political psychology at Stanford. Cliff is also an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins SAIS and an instructor at both Columbia University SIPA and University of São Paulo where he teaches courses on public opinion and election forecasting.