Ipsos Science Center

Advances in science, analytics and data let us better support clients in a world that is constantly changing. The Ipsos Science Centre is a world class Data Science team at the intersection of statistics and computer science that allows us to leverage existing and new information in innovative ways to improve the insights and actions of decision makers.

What is it for?

New and Better Insights through New Methods and Data Sources

While the Ipsos Science Centre is a world class innovation group, our goal is not innovation for innovation's sake, but to provide new and better insights for decision makers and action. Knowing what can, and can’t, be done with data types and how to extract insights from it with traditional and the latest advances in research methods provides robust information from which decision makers can confidently develop tactical and strategic plans.

How it works

Executing World Class and Innovative Analytics - The Ipsos Science Centre includes a Global Modeling Unit that is an incubator for executing Data Science solutions developed by their R&D team focusing on predictive analytics for new and complex challenges.

Experts in Traditional Statistical Analysis and Data Science methods:

Machine Learning, Data Mining & Pattern Recognition - The Ipsos Science Centre developed a Best in Class predictive analytic Enhanced Bayes Net framework that has been presented at conferences with over 3,000 models delivered to clients globally in 2015.

Computational Modeling and Simulation - The Ipsos Science Centre has successfully delivered major Micro-simulation and Agent Based Models in the automotive, tech, and Healthcare sectors.

Expansion in New Data Domains: Behavioral, Passive and Big Data Analysis - The Ipsos Science Centre successfully leverages databases whose size and complexity (including unstructured data sources) cannot be tapped with traditional methods including those with multiple billions of records.

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