Five Shopper Segments to Watch As Pandemic Lingers

Freedom Focusers. Easy Accommodators. Struggling Worriers. Unfazed Normals. Shook-up Savers. Read more about each segment.

The author(s)

  • Brian Baecker SVP, Innovation
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The pandemic has led to a constant question across sectors: “now what”? With the slew of data available from the early onset of the pandemic around how consumer behavior was changing, it became clear that distinctive groups were emerging from this crisis with very different needs and fears.

Ipsos quickly implemented a simple but effective way to map and track distinctive segments of the U.S. population that would set the stage for how COVID-19 would impact behavior. Now seven months into tracking these segments’ behavior, we continue to see value in under­standing how their behaviors are influencing their purchase decision across a wide array of categories, from tech to food service, fitness and political and social unrest.

Read more about each of the five distinctive groups, which based on several elements can be summarized into two dimensions:

  1. The financial impact COVID-19 has on the individual
  2. Their level of concern, fear and inconvenience as a result of the virus


The author(s)

  • Brian Baecker SVP, Innovation

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