Want to Reach Consumers After COVID?

Referencing new pandemic adaptation research, we share insights to help business leaders anticipate what’s next.

The author(s)

  • Jason Brown President, chief client officer, Ipsos
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As Coronavirus vaccines roll out, companies have an opportunity to plan for a much different world, possibly very soon. It is crucial for companies to understand the evolving phases consumers are in. In recent weeks, Ipsos has seen people shifting phases.

New data from Ipsos measuring how consumers are adapting and coping – the Ipsos Pandemic Adaptation Continuum (IPAC) framework – has identified ten phases:

Upslope (coping):

  • Uncertain = Haven’t really had impacts; not sure what to think
  • Preparation = gathering goods, stockpiling, getting ready for worsening conditions
  • Adjustment = Unhappily adjusting to new circumstances, worried
  • Acclimation = Adjusted to new routines, accepting but not happy
  • Enduring = Adjusted to new routines but very unhappy with them, looking to change

Downslope (improving):

  • Anticipation = Seeing signs of improvement in their area
  • Exploration = (Re)doing new things, but worried about it
  • Recalibration = Doing normal things, but carefully
  • Rebuilding = Optimistically engaging in pre-pandemic activities
  • Settling in = Feeling the pandemic is behind them

Download our paper with detailed findings from the IPAC framework. Why? Because when recovery happens, it will happen quickly, and probably within 2021. The IRL economy will be reinvigorated, and there will be a new set of criteria driving consumer choice that warrants understanding now. Our data is a key starting point for understanding these consumers—and what they’ll do next.


The author(s)

  • Jason Brown President, chief client officer, Ipsos

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