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  • Audra Priluck Senior Vice President, US, Media Development
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What is the future of TV content and how can brands leverage it to reach consumers and audiences? Even before the pandemic, our viewing habits were changing. Quarantine helped drive us back to TV content. As we “go back” into the real world, Ipsos research suggests that we will keep a foot in this world, embracing the new convenience and variety of entertainment and shopping we are now accustomed to. And we will push forward into the metaverse.

In this new reality, creators, platforms, companies, brands and even our cars are competing for the audience’s attention. Time is currency, but it’s converted into cash as we buy goods through social media, or into virtual currency and spent on virtual sneakers for our avatars.

Revisit and share our on demand presentations featuring insights exploring what new behaviors are going to stick, what’s coming next and how to capture, captivate and capitalize the finite resource that is the audience. Over 20 Ipsos and industry experts come together to take on the following questions:

  • Will the cord-cutting unbundlers re-bundle?
  • How can brands work in the new creator-driven ecosystem and measure success?
  • Has brand creative evolved enough to take advantage of digital formats?
  • And how will the metaverse reshape the way we are entertained?

Revisit the recordings here, or read our report on what we learned now.


The author(s)

  • Audra Priluck Senior Vice President, US, Media Development

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