Ipsos' Historical Crisis and Recovery Data and Research

While utterly unique, this is not the first challenge our people and our businesses have faced. We have curated some Ipsos research below that can give us a sense of how people responded to crises in the past and what recovery started to look like.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Yet people are reacting to it in ways we’ve seen in earlier crises. As those patterns play out, there are lessons for policymakers, company leaders and brands.

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2008 Financial Crisis

April 29, 2009: Consumers sacrifice new products and usual brands during economic downturn: More than half of global shoppers would shun new grocery, personal and household products. Read more here

October 6, 2008 The ABC's of Crisis Management: How to size, measure impact and best communicate about the problem to lessen its impact. Read more here

March 2, 2009: Innovation Lessons from Prior Recessions: Examining earlier economic downturns and recoveries reveals specific lessons for marketers. Read more here


November 6, 2006: One year later: Key learnings for insurance companies on how to manage their reputation: How communications and media coverage can influence corporate reputation. Read more here

March 31, 2006: The insurance industry's reputation after Hurricane Katrina: Three weeks after the storm, just 18% approved of the job done by insurers. Read more here

October 6, 2005: AP/Ipsos Poll: Americans have lost confidence that billions for hurricane recovery will be spent wisely: Over two survey waves, the number of Americans who lost confidence grew from about evenly split to 61%. Read more here

September 20, 2005: AP/Ipsos: Katrina raises voters' doubts about Bush priorities, recovery plans: Recovery from the hurricane topped eight priorities including Iraq. Read more here


November 13, 2009: Why some people will say no to the H1N1 vaccine: Nearly half of Americans weren’t likely to get one, if available. Read more here

November 4, 2009: Concern about contracting the Swine Flu has become widespread: Concern among Americans getting sick from the outbreak grew from half to 63% over five months. Read more here

October 20, 2009: Mondial Assistance national survey reveals holiday travelers won’t be deterred: Nine in 10 Americans would not change their plans due to H1N1 flu. Read more here