The Courage to Grow: Learnings & Playbook for how to grow in inflationary times

Ipsos offers recent insights, tips and solutions playbook for how to drive growth in inflationary times.

More timely now than ever before, Ipsos’ detailed booklet with research, data and actionable tips, is designed to help companies navigate uncertain times and drive growth during an inflation. No matter what, remember that in every crisis there are opportunities and the basic principles of good marketing always hold true.

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Expect to read more about the levers and considerations for brands to drive value and pricing resilience, as well as:


Why all markets, all consumers and all categories are not the same


How emotions are driving decisions


The different compensating behaviors a majority are adopting


Examples of ‘value’ taking on different forms


So now what? How do you move forward?

We have a framework and solutions to support you and your business through these times. Take a look at our Playbook to learn more about:

What? An initial framework that simplifies the complex to guide strategy.

Why? Channel energy and gain organizational alignment on how you should protect and grown your business.

How? Leverage Ipsos’ deep knowledge of society, markets, and people.


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We’re here to support you in prioritizing your focus, protecting your brand(s), and driving growth during these inflationary times. Reach out to us at any time!

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