Most Remain Bullish About Stock Market And Economy

Vast Majority Of Investors Feel It's Still A Good Time To Buy Shares

NEW YORK, APRIL 17, 2000 - A majority of adults continue to believe the economy is "as strong as ever" and that recent declines in the stock market are part of a normal adjustment, results from a weekend poll show. As well, half would advise their friends and family to continue to invest in the stock market.

Investors - those who have sold or bought shares in the last year - are even more bullish than the general population. Eight in 10 say they would advise friends or family members that "now is a good time to buy shares." The results are from a survey of 883 adults conducted by the Angus Reid Group over the weekend in the wake of one of the biggest single day drops in U.S. stock market history last Friday.

"Despite recent stock market declines and dramatic volatility, investors remain bullish about the stock market and the economy generally," said Tom Neri, president of U.S. operations for Angus Reid. "So far, the recent stock market upheaval has not eroded consumer confidence and most Americans feel the economy remains strong."

The results come from Angus Reid Express, a national weekly telephone omnibus study. The margin of error on the full sample (n= 883) is +- 3.1%. Margin of error increases when looking at sub samples.


1. In light of the changes in the value of many shares this past week, would you advise friends or family members that now is a good time to buy shares on the stock market OR would you say it is a bad time to buy shares on the stock market?




BAD TIME 258 29.2%
Don't Know/refused 154 17.5%

2. Have you yourself purchased or sold shares on a public stock market here in America over the last year?

Yes 245 27.7%
No 631 71.4%
Don't Know/refused 7 0.8%

3. FINALLY, which of these two statements best describes how you presently feel about the American economy:

Recent declines in the stock market are part of a normal adjustment and the underlying American economy is as strong as ever;


Recent declines in the stock market point to fundamental weaknesses in the American economy.

Normal adjustment and economy is strong as ever 602 68.2%
Point to a Fundamental Weakness in the American Economy 241 27.3%
Don't Know/refused 40 4.5%

About Angus Reid The Angus Reid Group is one of North America's premier market research and public opinion polling firms. The company also provides international clients with a regularly-scheduled quarterly global polling program wherein upwards of 30 countries over a two-month timeframe are sampled for opinions on private sector and public matters. The Angus Reid Group also publishes, on a quarterly basis, the World Monitor - a digest of world public opinion trends and insights gleaned from its world polling activities.

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