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Oct. 12

Will the economy or coronavirus be the decisive issue on Election Day?

REPORT: A plurality of Americans, both nationally and in key swing states, see Biden as stronger on addressing the pandemic. Conversely, Trump is rated stronger on the economy. So, as long as the coronavirus remains the No. 1 concern for Americans, Biden’s chances of winning are higher. If that concern softens, or if the focus shifts, Trump’s chances of winning get stronger – even if he’s lagging in the polls. Read more here.


Oct. 14

People around the world still seek out trustworthy news. But that trust can be misplaced.

REPORT: Do people actively seek out the truth? The answer seems to be an overwhelming yes. By wide margins in most countries, people “make sure the news [they] read, watch or listen to comes from trustworthy sources”. However, there are issues with this. It’s human nature for people to trust content they believe to be true, but in many cases, they believe it to be true because it reinforces their world view. Read more here.


Oct. 9

Nearly all Americans are confident in their cleaning products to protect against the coronavirus

REPORT: Nearly half of Americans say that they will clean and disinfect more this coming flu season because of what they’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an American Cleaning Institute/Ipsos poll. Once the pandemic is over, a majority plan to continue wiping down surfaces more often and use disinfecting products such as sprays and wipes – and 39% also say that they plan to continue wearing a mask. Read more here.

Oct. 9

One-in-three Americans are highly stressed – and they’re turning to music and TV. Here’s what they want.

REPORT: Four of the top five ways people are managing their stress are media-related. But they’re not just watching anything that comes on – they want comedy, action, and escapism, according to a new study from Ipsos Media Development. Read more here.


Oct. 5

Five things for advertisers to think about for the holiday season

REPORT: Perhaps for the first time in a long time, the holidays can be different this year. The question "how will you Holiday?" is legitimate. Consumers are less on auto-pilot. This opens the door for brands to participate in the season in new ways, or maybe for the first time. Read more here.


Oct. 4

Americans split on if President Trump can handle his duties after testing positive for coronavirus

REPORT: Americans are split 50-50 on whether President Trump would be able to handle his duties if the nation faced military or national security a crisis, according to new ABC News/Ipsos polling. Republicans and independent voters are now much more concerned about the virus than they were two weeks ago. Read more here.


Oct. 4

Two-thirds of Americans believe Trump would not be sick if he had taken virus more seriously

REPORT: Two-thirds of Americans believe that if President Trump had taken the coronavirus more seriously, he probably would not have been infected with it, according to new Reuters/Ipsos polling. 94% of Americans are aware the president has been diagnosed with the virus, but only 63% say they fully believe it is true. Read more here.


Webinar: Oct. 20

How online dating in the pandemic reveals how brands in other industries can stay relevant

WEBINAR: In moving much of the world online to work, learn, and socialize, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed pain points in the user experience. It has also clarified opportunities for innovation. Join us for a complimentary webinar as we use online dating as a lens to discusses how companies can respond to unexpected change and evolving social norms while keeping up with digital trends and user expectations. Learn more and register here for the Oct. 20 webinar.


Sept. 30

Can brands be a bridge to a better future?

REPORT: The pandemic swiftly and dramatically disrupted the lives of people on a global scale; Ipsos research shows that caused behavioral and attitudinal shifts that changed core values around the world. While many people felt fear and anxiety, they simultaneously recognized that in order to make it through these times, we must look beyond geographical borders, government mandates, and self-centered behaviors to unite in our efforts. Read more here.


Sept. 23

Back-to-school means back-to-screens. Here's how brands can seize the opportunity.

REPORT: School closures have caused screens to replace not just books, papers, and homework, but also the physical teacher-and-student learning environment. This seismic shift in education systems already has increased at-home screen time – both for education and entertainment – opening a new chapter for creative content and brands as they compete for the attention of children and co-viewing families. Read more here.


Sept. 22

Your brand’s ‘purpose’ can’t just be a talking point anymore. Here’s how some are backing it up.

REPORT: Brands can no longer merely claim to have a purpose in the aftermath of the coronavirus – they must demonstrate their positive impact on society and the economy. Here’s what consumers expect now, and how you can act in order to stay on top of their minds. Read more here.


Sept. 20

Fewer Americans are willing to get a coronavirus vaccine today than they were in May

REPORT: As the pandemic has gone on, vaccination has actually become less popular: ABC/Ipsos polling in September found that 64% of Americans would get a safe and effective vaccine, down from 74% in May. Read more here.


Sept. 2

Advertising during election season? Here's what you need to know.

REPORT: It’s election season. Your ad will be swimming in an unprecedented sea of political campaign advertising about to hit every channel possible. Should you avoid “battleground” markets – or take advantage of them? New research from Ipsos can guide you to the answers. Read more here.


Sept. 17

Voice is becoming one of the most important tech interfaces. Here’s how your company can take advantage of it.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: More and more companies are investing in voice technology. What makes voice so different is that it is, in essence, an invisible interface with few visual indicators to guide the customer. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more and find out how to make a roadmap to guide your voice efforts through the next five years. Watch here.


Webinar: Oct. 27

How medical companies and researchers can use remote testing for physical stimuli

WEBINAR: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical companies and researchers have had to scramble in shifting in-person testing to remote testing, where possible. For the foreseeable future, remote testing may be a more prominent – or only – option, in furthering a company’s mission of launching products and processes that are safe and effective. Join us for a complimentary webinar as we discuss remote testing methodologies geared specifically for physical stimuli in the medical space. Learn more and register here for the Oct. 27 webinar.