The New World of Work: Innovation, Inclusion and Insights

Listen in as our expert panel discusses innovation, inclusion and insights on connecting with employees and B2B audiences.

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  • Janelle James SVP, Qualitative
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Effectively engaging with B2B customers, decision-makers and decision influencers has never been more important than today. Future of work, organizational transformation, tech sector layoffs, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility… all are competing priorities as leaders determine how to keep revenue up and customers satisfied.

Beyond customers, connecting effectively with employees and industry experts can drive business growth in numerous ways. To help navigate these complex topics, we’ve invited executives leading the charge to take part in our next roundtable discussion exploring questions like: How can we build connection in a disconnected or distributed workplace?, What are the most effective ways to shift organizational culture?, How are employee and expert voices fueling the development of new products, services, and experiences?, How are B2B customer journeys evolving?, What’s the right way to use ERGs and BRGs?, and How do you develop and sustain employee engagement?

Listen in as Ipsos’ Janelle James and her guest panelists discuss innovation, inclusion and insights in ‘The New World of Work’, focusing on connecting with employees and B2B audiences. Our guest panelists are phenomenal and are literally shaping the future of work, markets, and society!

  • Patrick Blakeney, JSS Search, Vice President
  • Melissa Goldner, Prophet, Partner
  • Deserrie Perez, LinkedIn, Media Strategist
  • Noah Rosenblatt Farrell, Ipsos UU, Qualitative Consultant
  • Sheela Subramanian, Author 'How The Future Works'

Ipsos Top Topics – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | DEI

The author(s)
  • Janelle James SVP, Qualitative

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