Our holiday shopping attitudes are quite consistent

Here's how people say they plan to shop this holiday season, according to new data from the Ipsos Consumer Tracker

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  • Matt Carmichael What the Future editor and head of the Ipsos Trends and Foresight Lab
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Chart showing consistency in Americans' holiday shopping habitsThe Ipsos Consumer Tracker asks Americans questions about culture, the economy and the forces that shape our lives. Here's one thing we learned this week.

Why we asked about holiday shopping: ‘Tis the season, eh? We didn’t ask this batch of questions last year but wanted to look back at attitudes about holiday shopping, especially among some major tensions like the digital/physical store divide and the shop local/big box/mall divide.

What we found: We found almost no change in any of these items vs. two years ago. A majority say they: will make spur of the moment purchases (69%), think it’s important to buy from locally-owned stores (65%), plan to shop mostly online (60%), know exactly where they plan to shop (58%), and will only buy items on sale (53%) this holiday season. About half also say they would buy all these things anyway. The inverse (44%) of the “mostly online” crowd plan to shop mostly in stores. Only 36% report planning to spend more this year than last.

These attitudes are remarkably consistent from August 2021, when we last asked these questions. The biggest shift was an 8-point fall in those who said they plan to shop mostly online, likely reflecting the end of COVID-hesitancy about being in stores. Forecasts predict a slight uptick in sales as inflation-raised prices linger and interest rates (and debt) persist.

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The author(s)
  • Matt Carmichael What the Future editor and head of the Ipsos Trends and Foresight Lab