Truth, Beauty, and Justice: AI in 2024

Revisit our recorded discussion to hear more about the three necessary domains for evaluating AI - Truth (accuracy), Beauty (fertility), and Justice (fairness) - and the implications of each from the perspectives of our guest panelists.

From productivity gains to misinformation, there’s no end to the ways in which AI can touch our businesses, innovations, and our lives. Whether it’s fueling diagnostic algorithms in healthcare, democratizing software development, informing personalized shopping recommendations, accelerating how we uncover customer needs, or determining how we find our next streaming service recommendation, we can all see and feel AI’s power in our professional and personal journeys. 

So how are the most customer-centric businesses today ensuring effective and responsible AI? How are they refining AI models and customer journeys with more human, contextual, and cross cultural inputs to better meet needs and outperform the competition? And how are they innovating and iterating with research in the process? At Ipsos, we see 3 necessary domains for evaluating AI: Truth (accuracy), Beauty (fertility), and Justice (fairness) and in this conversation, we explore implications for each with executives leading the way. Listen in now!

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  • Janelle James, Ipsos, SVP US Qualitative
  • Ajay Bangia, Ipsos, Global Qualitative Scale Leader
  • Lynne Thomson, Microsoft, Principal UX Research
  • Abeezer Tapia, Formerly Verily Life Sciences, Head of Commercial Development
  • Neahle Jones, L’Oréal, VP US Consumer Engagement, Consumer Products

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