[EVENT] The Future of Financial Relationships: Customer Connection in a Digital Age

The latest in Ipsos MORI's 'Future of Research' series, this event will examine the dramatic impact of new technology and thinking on how consumers and financial brands interact. We will explore how providers, both emerging and traditional, can build ‘emotional’ engagement with their customers in an environment increasingly dominated by digital interactions.

The nature of customers’ interactions with their financial services providers has changed beyond recognition in recent years. From in-person in a branch, to call-centres, to the internet and now smartphones, exchanges have become increasingly tech-driven and less human-based. These changes have created new challenges for providers, including how to build and maintain strong relationships with their customers.

In a sector where products are often quite commoditised, the ‘softer’ aspects of customer service and brand are where providers can really differentiate themselves – but how do you achieve a differentiated and engaging relationship with your customers in a digital world?

While received wisdom has been that it is harder to build strong, emotional customer relationships through digital channels, FinTechs and challenger brands are doing just this; introducing digital-only offerings and attracting customers with innovative new engagement models. Whether this includes producing personalised ‘experiences’, putting the needs of end users first or finding key connection points, new brands are flourishing in this challenging marketplace.

Which approaches will yield the best results and what are the FinTechs and the traditional players doing to ensure they’re relevant in this fast-moving area?

Expert speakers will discuss:

  • The importance of emotional connections in a largely transactional space
  • Possible approaches and innovations that apps and online interfaces can provide
  • What providers can learn from other industries already occupying the digital space
  • How responsive the general public are to the prospect of innovative, personalised financial management in the digital space

Speakers include:

  • Justin Lyon, CEO, Simudyne
  • George Dunning, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder, Bud
  • Paul Stamper, Ipsos MORI
  • Georgie Frost, Award-winning Journalist and Presenter

We hope you can join us for an evening of discussion and networking with the leading thinkers in the financial services community. Attendance is free but places are strictly limited – register your interest now.

Speakers :

  • Paul Stamper, Head of Financial Services at Ipsos MORI, will guide us through the key trends in the financial services landscape.

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