Join us at the Insights Association inaugural event to learn more about best practices for device agnostic research.

At 3:55pm on May 9, Ipsos’ Nancy Brigham and Cecile Carre will explain why device agnostic is no longer the future of online research. It’s already here! Consumers expect to be able to use their smartphones (SMPs) to fill surveys. Yet most of today’s research surveys are still designed to be viewed on larger PC screens. Transitioning to device-agnostic requires us to rethink best practices for both LOI and question structure. Their presentation will share findings on both of these dimensions, focusing on whether SMP best practices truly differ from historical recommendations for PC (hint: not as much as you'd think!).

For more event details, please visit the Insights Association website.

Speakers :

  • Nancy Brigham, Ipsos Interactive Services, Canada

  • Cecile Carre, Ipsos Interactive Services, US

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