[EVENT] Web Summit 2021

Web Summit brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry. Join Ipsos experts for the following conferences.

A world without cookies

November 2 - 11:25 WET - 20 min

Alexandre Guerin, Country Manager, in France speaks on a panel together with Kristin Luck, President of ESOMAR, and George Slefo, from the Trade Desk.

Third-party cookies have already been discontinued in Safari, Firefox, Edge and Brave browsers, with Google's Chrome to follow suit soon. What data can track evidence-based journeys now? ESOMAR and Ipsos explore ways to cope in a cookie-less world.

Ipsos Women’s Forum Barometer 2021: An urgent call for inclusive recovery

November 3 - 10:00 WET - 40 min

Henri Wallard, Deputy CEO Ipsos Group and Chairman Ipsos in France, speaks on a Masterclass hosted by ESOMAR.

In this masterclass, Ipsos will take attendees through a deep dive of Ipsos’ 2021 Women’s Forum Barometer, published in advance of the G7 Summit. This barometer highlights the importance of taking the full measure of how and to what extent women have been affected by the pandemic and its socio-economic consequences and what politicians and employers can do to ensure gender equality is at the center of every pandemic recovery program.

Combining disparate data sets

November 3 - 10:45 WET - 40 min

Alexandre Guerin speaks on a Masterclass hosted by ESOMAR.

With social, digital and mobile completely taking over the world and advancements in technology that are driving cheaper storage space, algorithms and data science are making multiple data streams increasingly accessible. At Ipsos we believe that the true power of data comes from integrating both primary and secondary data sources and therefore getting to the deeper understanding of consumer truths. In this masterclass, Ipsos will guide you through our best practices for data integration, as well as the tech platforms and tools that can be used to ensure accuracy.

AI ethics in marketing and research

November 4 - 11:15 WET - 20 min

Henri Wallard speaks on a panel session together with Kristin Luck.

AI is on the verge of transforming marketing and research to speed up and improve data analysis and deliver richer insights. But, as it disrupts the sector, how do we ensure that AI doesn’t produce bigger data gaps than it fixes or, worse, perpetuate historical biases and power imbalances? Global marketing research association ESOMAR and leading market research firm Ipsos discuss.

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Speakers :

  • Alexandre Guerin | Ipsos

    Alexandre Guerin, Country Manager, Ipsos in France

  • Henri Wallard | Ipsos

    Henri Wallard, Deputy CEO, Chairman Ipsos in France,
    Chairman Public Affairs, Automotive and Mobility Development & Social Intelligence Analytics Service Lines

  • Kristin Luck, President, ESOMAR

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