Testing a sustainable replenishment model with a reusable pack

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Ipsos | ESG | Case study | Testing a sustainable replenishment model with a reusable pack

Ipsos | ESG | Case study | ChallengeOur client's challenge

In times where single-use packaging are less and less acceptable, we tested a breakthrough sustainable replenishment subscription model for Häagen-Dazs with Loop.

Loop would automatically replenish the product after consumers returned it in a nice and reusable container ensuring consumers’ favourite flavours are always at their fingertips.

Ipsos | ESG | Case study | SolutionIpsos' solution

Ipsos leveraged its legacy in service and new business testing & forecasting for this project.

We evaluated this unique concept with Vantis 2.0 on a number of established KPIs including the decision journey and Ipsos’ innovation archetypes.

Ipsos | ESG | Case study | ImpactThe impact on our client's business question

The outcome of the research revealed an average performance overall. Although the concept is seen as unique and well explained, it is penalized by a lack of relevance (Do I really need this ?) and a price perceived as too premium leading to an archetype classification as “Sceptical”.

Beyond the results themselves, we’ve been able to identify a strong consumer interest for sustainable initiatives of this kind as well as drivers of interest (reusable container, sustainability motivations) and barriers to adoption.

This concept would likely fail if launched now but might benefit from a stronger consumer readiness for acceptance in a near future.

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