[WEBINAR] DUEL Encore: Understanding Appeal & Passion

Traditional approaches to early screening rely on rational, thoughtful feedback using scaled responses. Yet consumers typically form impressions and make decisions within seconds (e.g., FMOT, Blink, System 1, etc.).

To reflect this reality and help you make better decisions, Ipsos recently launched DUEL — the next generation of early screening for claims, pack images, and logos. DUEL takes consumers away from scaled responses, pitting items against each other in a series of contests that are fast, intuitive and even fun for consumers. In addition to their behavioural preference, DUEL captures consumers’ implicit reaction via a proprietary reaction time approach that reflects their passion and conviction — allowing you to understand both appeal and passion. Designed for mobile (but fully device agnostic), DUEL is the first and only implicit reaction time approach that is fast, affordable, and globally scalable.

View this on demand webinar now featuring case studies illustrating the power of DUEL!

Speakers :

  • Kelly Becker, Ipsos Marketing, Canada

  • Jessica Avery, Ipsos Marketing, Canada

Consumer & Shopper