[WEBINAR] OTT Affluents: the new golden age of video & content

The world of television is experiencing unprecedented disruption, change and growth with new platforms, channels and providers of video and content being introduced almost daily. View our on demand webinar featuring findings from our recent Affluent study exploring the many dimensions of OTT/streaming attitudes, dispositions and behavior. During this session we identify the group of consumers who are leading the way – the “OTT Affluencers” who represent the forefront of video and content consumption.

Learn more about:

  • The phenomena of binge-watching
  • Which features drive OTT/streaming service consideration
  • How consumers find and decide what to watch
  • Various dimensions of watching behavior across Live TV, On Demand/DVR and OTT/streaming – including content preferences, devices used, whether watching is part of multi-tasking or dedicated viewing etc.

Speakers :

  • Michael Baer, Senior Vice President, Media Development, US

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