[WEBINAR] Trust misplaced? The future of trust & Truth in media

Truth and trust seem under attack from all sides, but Ipsos research finds that people are still searching for trusted content. It just might be that they're putting their trust in the wrong place. This complimentary webinar will explore the findings from a collaboration between Ipsos and The Trust Project, a non-profit consortium of global news outlets working with technology platforms to ensure that trusted news gets prioritized over less reputable sources.

During the session, we will identify and explore the key factors influencing the future of trust and truth in media. These include nationalist and populist sentiment, access and affordability of quality news, technological changes, and ongoing disinformation campaigns. We will present Global Advisor data from across 29 countries to highlight the public opinion that underpins these topics and discover more about people’s attitudes and experiences with media.

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Speakers :

  • Matt Carmichael, Ipsos, US

  • Sally Lehrman, Founder, The Trust Project

Media & Brand Communication